Large scale
CNT production facility


will accelerate the social
implementation of Carbon nanotubes!

* Our original combined process from sputtering,
CNTs growing to collecting

highqualityUltra-high quality CNTs
of three forms

Caltema® can produce long and
homogeneous MWCNTs by little catalysts
with low defect rate. Moreover, three types
of attachments allow you to produce:
powder, fiber and film.

easyinstallationAnnual production capacity
of 5t-class in surprisingly compact size

Caltema® is compact enough to work even in
office buildings with small energies.
However, it has an annual production
capacity of 5t class. It enables you produce CNT
materials at your service in your manufacturing site.

easyinstallationAI and IoT systems
make you free from complicated operations

Caltema® is smart. Just enter what you need,
such as length, diameter and quantity.
AI optimizes conditions to meet your requirements.
Moreover, we offer you 24H remote monitoring
and maintenance through lot system.