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explainWhat is a carbon nanotube?

What is a carbon nanotube?
It is a nanomaterial made of graphene in a tube shape,
single-layered carbon nanotubes are called single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNT),
Multi-layered are called multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNT).
Because CNT’s length is microscale while its diameter is 0.6nm to several tens of nm, it is
also known as one-dimensional nanomaterials.
Physical properties (mechanical functions, conductivity, heat resilience) are beyond imagination.


propertiesExcellent features of a CNT.

For example, the mechanical properties of CNT are
Compared to steel, it has 100 times the tensile strength, 5 times the Young's modulus, and 1/6 the density.
These properties are stronger than even carbon fiber fabrics, which are made from the same carbon atoms.
Furthermore, it has 10 times the thermal conductivity and 1,000 times the electrical-current permissibility of copper,
Excellent flexibility, heat resistance, slidability and corrosion resistance.

  • 強度 鋼鉄の100倍
  • 熱伝導性 銅の10倍
  • 導電耐性 銅の1000倍
  • 耐熱性 融点は無酸素で3000度以上

inovationA new mass production technology
established by CARBON FLY.

ConventionalCARBON FLY innovation


    It is possible to control the length
    and diameter of each CNT on a mass production basis.
    Realized creation of 100% CNT fiber/film in addition to conventional powder.

  • catalyst and
    contain impurities

    Contains little catalyst
    and impurities

  • Uneven length
    and diameter

    Uniform distribution
    by controlling
    length and diameter

  • CNTs are irregularly entangled
    and difficult to process

    Can be processed into
    fibers and films