CARBON FLY, Inc. received the Mitsui Chemicals Award at “the Deep Tech Grand Prix 2022” in September 10, 2022.


Theme: “Application of Next-Generation Carbon Nanotubes for Space Materials”


The committee recognized the first step toward the realization of an orbital elevator by successfully mass-producing carbon nanotubes with their full potential, which had not been achieved to mass-produce despite more than 30 years having passed since their structure was first elucidated.



Deep Tech Grand Prix 2022

The Tech Planter, organized by LIVERNESS and its partners, is an ecosystem that aims to serve as a planter for the seeds of science and technology generated in universities, research institutes, and corporate laboratories, and to discover and develop them into businesses. The “Deep Tech Grand Prix 2022” is a program aimed at discovering and fostering technology seeds and entrepreneurs in the real tech domain (manufacturing, robotics, mobility, IoT, artificial intelligence, materials, energy, etc.). 12 companies took the stage this time and were evaluated by a panel of 10 judges.


Summary of Masahiro Kimura (CARBON FLY, Inc.)’s Presentation

Aiming for Space Development with Next Generation Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Manufacturing Technology

-Toward the realization of a space orbital elevator-

  • Extending the durable period of satellites with CNT conductive tethers
  • Principle of satellite orbit control with CNT conductive tethers
  • CARBON FLY, Inc. succeeded in creating a 100% CNT tether using the proprietary technology
  • Unique technology, potential CNT applications, etc.