We received the Excellent Exhibit Award

at “SAMPE Japan Advanced Material Technology Exhibition 2023”


CARBON FLY Inc. received the Excellent Exhibit Award at the SAMPE Japan Advanced Materials and Technology Exhibition 2023, which was jointly exhibited with Japan




The award was given in recognition of the jointly developed CNT hybrid prepreg, which was the main exhibit item at the show.


We received many comments from visitors, such as “I was surprised that CNT film can be made for such a long length.”


In the booth design, we were conscious of presenting this CNT hybrid prepreg in an easy-to-understand manner with impact. The theme of the booth was “Materials for Space Quality” to express the quality of the material that can withstand even in space. The visual and color scheme was inspired by outer space. In addition, to express the length of the prepreg, it was hung from the upper signboard.


We will continue to cooperate with Japan to mass-produce the prepreg.