CARBON FLY, Inc.  enters into a capital and business alliance with general sporting goods manufacturer Mizuno Corp.

Expanding its use in the sports and leisure field.


CARBON FLY, Inc. a material venture involved in the research, development, manufacture and sale of next-generation carbon nanotubes, has received funding from Mizuno Corp and signed a joint research and development agreement. With this, the company will actively promote the development of products in the sports and leisure field that utilise the new carbon nanotube material.



Background and objectives

CARBON FLY, Inc. has completed the mass production of its independently developed next-generation carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and the development of a mass production machine (Cartema), and has been working towards the social diffusion of CNTs with excellent properties. Through this capital and business alliance, the two companies will utilise their technologies and experience to accelerate product development in the sports and leisure sector.


Mizuno comment.

We have been involved in the development of materials for various functions in the world of sports products. We have come to the conclusion that understanding the performance and potential of Carbonfly’s CNTs will enable us to develop unprecedented products, which is why we have entered into this alliance. Through this alliance, we hope to bring new value to sports products by utilising our respective knowledge and expertise.


About Mizuno Corporation

Since its foundation in 1906, Mizuno Corporation has been manufacturing and selling sporting goods, operating sports facilities and developing various school businesses under the management philosophy of “contributing to society through better sporting goods and the promotion of sport”. In recent years, the company has been a comprehensive sporting goods manufacturer actively developing products and services that utilise the value of sport in everyday life.