We receiving the excellence award in Unique Business, New Challenge Cathegory



CARBON FLY, Inc. receiving the excellence award in Unique Business, New Challenge Cathegory at JAPAN Small & Medium Businesses Award organized by SMES CHIKARA, Inc.



Reasons for commendation

The company manufactures and sells carbon nanotubes, a new material discovered in Japan, and also makes efforts to promote its use in society by providing manufacturing facilities. They are also working to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by taking advantage of the properties of carbon nanotubes. They were selected for the Excellence Award for their success in producing high quality CNTs by utilizing the high level of craftsmanship of Japanese manufacturing engineers, as well as for their achievements, which currently include a joint project with JAXA.



At the awards ceremony held on December 14, we were presented with a trophy by the jury member Ms. Hayakawa Gomi and a bouquet by the actress Ms. Koyuki.



We are encouraged by the great award and will continue to work on our business.

For details, please see the 2023 Award Winning Companies on the JAPAN SMES AWARD website. You can also read about the award ceremony day in the organizer’s press release.




Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) account for 99.7% of all Japanese companies and employ about 70% of the workforce. The “Japan Small and Medium Business Awards” recognize companies that have contributed to the development of not only their own companies but also the industry as a whole through challenges backed by the mobility, creativity, decisiveness, and dynamism that are unique to small and medium businesses, from the perspectives of management, employees, women, and various other perspectives. The awards spotlight the ingenuity, ingenuity, and challenges of the SMEs and their employees who will lead Japan in the future, and widely deliver the underlying strength of Japan’s unique SMEs, which should be recognized by the public.


■Unique Business, New Challenge Cathegory

The Awards are given to companies that have pioneered new fields, services, and new problem-solving schemes that have succeeded only because they are small- and medium-sized enterprises. The Unique Business Division awards companies that have taken on new challenges based on their outstanding technologies and originality of ideas.