CARBON FLY Inc. to participate in JEC World 2024

Presenting our CNT mass-production facility “Caltema®” and its applications to Europe


CARBON FLY Inc. (Based in Koto City, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as “CARBON FLY”), a startup aiming for social implementation of carbon nanotubes (hereinafter referred to as “CNTs”) will attend  “JEC World 2024” and  to be held from March 5 (Tue) through 7 (Thu), 2024 in Paris, France.



Our First Participation in a Commercial Exhibition in the European Area

In January 2024, we won the Grand Prix of the Composite Highway Award organized by Composite Highway Consortium. We will be presenting our technology in the Japan Pavilion of the Composites Highway Consortium and introducing our 5-ton ultra-high quality CNT mass production machine [Caltema®] and the performance evaluation results of CNTs produced by Caltema® in blended resins, rubbers, and conductive auxiliaries to the European market.



■About JEC World

JEC World is the global trade show for composite materials and their applications. Held in Paris, JEC World is the industry’s leading event, hosting all the major players in a spirit of innovation, business, and networking.

JEC World is the “place to be” for composites with hundreds of product launches, awards ceremonies, startup competitions, conferences, live demonstrations, Innovation Planets, and networking opportunities.


■About Composite Highway Consortium

Since 2014, three centers, the Innovative Composites Center (ICC) at Kanazawa Institute of Technology, the National Composites Center (NCC) at Nagoya University, and the Gu Composites Research Center (GCC) at Gifu University, as well as local governments and public testing laboratories mainly in the Tokai and Hokuriku regions have participated to form a consortium. The consortium is formed with the participation of local governments and public experimental stations mainly in the Tokai-Hokuriku region.

In order to be competitive with Europe, the world leader in the field of composite materials, the consortium is taking advantage of the strengths and features of the textile and machinery industries clustered in the Hokuriku region and the automobile and aircraft industries in the Tokai region, and by promoting collaboration between the two regions, is building a supply chain to realize the creation of new markets.

We are vigorously engaged in such activities as holding an annual convention, presenting the Composite Highway Award, and jointly participating in domestic and international exhibitions.


■Overview of JEC World 2024 

Term March 5 (Tue) through 7 (Thu), 2024

9:00 am~6:00 pm ※Last day ends at 5pm

Venue Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre, France
Booth No. V105(Hall-6 in Japan Pavilion)
Comittee JEC Group
Official Website


About CARBON FLY, Inc.

CARBON FLY was founded in January 2022 in Tokyo, Japan, by a materials scientist. It’s a startup whose main target is the development and mass production of ultra-high quality CNTs. CARBON FLY has succeeded in developing a technology to control and mass-produce high-quality CNTs, a longstanding issue in the CNT industry. CARBON FLY’s CNTs can be formed into powder, fiber and film. It can be applied not only to conductive paste for lithium-ion batteries but also to aerospace, mobility, energy and many other fields.We are also promoting research into the use of CO2 as a raw material for these ultra-high quality CNTs, aiming to contribute to carbon neutrality.



Madoka Hashimoto, Communication Planning Office, CARBON FLY, Inc.

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