CARBON FLY Inc. has fundraised from IP Bridge Inc.

to strengthen strategic partnership and IP strategy


CARBON FLY Inc. (Based in Koto City, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as “CARBON FLY”), a startup aiming for social implementation of carbon nanotubes (hereinafter referred to as “CNTs”) has fundraised from IP Bridge Inc. (Based in Chiyoda City, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as “IP Bridge”)  to strengthen our strategic pertnership.



Background and Objectives

CarbonFly is engaged in research and development with the goal of social implementation of nanocarbon materials and CNTs and mass production of nanocarbon materials and CNTs from CO2. In order to protect our technology, we have concluded an agreement with IP Bridge since 2022 to support our activities related to intellectual property, and have received a variety of advice on how to obtain patents, countermeasures against other companies’ patents, and trademarks for our company logo, etc. In the course of working together with us on technology, we have discovered great potential for our company and have decided to provide funding for this project. We will further strengthen our IP strategy and accelerate the acquisition of patents and trademarks.


[Message from Mr. Yoshimura, Managing Director of Innovation Division, IP Bridge Inc.]

We are pleased to announce that IP Bridge, Inc. has entered into a capital and business alliance agreement with CarbonFly Inc. With the aim of further accelerating CarbonFly’s business growth, we will support the utilization of IP and the implementation of corporate defense through IP. In the course of our business relationship to date, we have learned that CarbonFly is well aware of the importance of IP in its business, and that all of its employees are actively working together to build and implement an IP strategy. I feel honored to be in the same boat with them and to be able to support a part of CarbonFly’s growth.

IP Bridge is also focused on the social impact of carbon nanotubes, an innovative new material, and has high expectations for it. We will continue to make every effort to ensure that this capital and business alliance will contribute to the growth of CarbonFly’s business and, by extension, to the development of Japanese society.


About IP Bridge Inc.

Established in 2013, we are Japan’s pioneer IP fund management company and we provide support for the management and leveraging of intellectual property that has not demonstrated its potential value. In addition to eliciting the potential value of owned patents, we provide IP-based support to both leading and startup companies with our knowledge and experience gained through patent utilization.

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