Produce carbon materials from carbon dioxide as raw material!

To promote carbon recycling business,

we start to research and develop its technology and build the supply chain

through corporate collaborations.



We, CARBON FLY, Inc. (“CARBON FLY”) have started to discuss carbon recycling business with KANEMATSU CORPORATION (“KANEMATSU”) and F.C.C. Co., Ltd. (“FCC”) to realize a sustainable society.



CARBON FLY is developing a mass-production machine to manufacture high-quality carbon nanotubes (“CNTs”), and their CNTs are expected to be used in a wide range of applications, including EV batteries, aerospace, and vehicles. Compared to other materials, CARBON FLY’s CNTs have achieved a significant reduction in energy costs (CO2 emissions) * over the entire product lifecycle. We have decided to strongly promote research and development of this technology.


* CNTs’ production process emits less CO2 than that of carbon fibers. In addition, since CNTs are stronger and lighter than steel or some general metals, it is expected to reduce CO2 emissions during use (fuel efficiency improvement, etc.) by reducing the weight of final products with less quantities of materials.


■Research & Development Details

We will develop technology to produce CNTs, a highly functional material, by recovering CO2 emitted from chemical plants and extracting carbon (C) from CO2. The project will also develop a recycling method to recover products that contain CNTs and recycle them as raw materials for CNTs. With Kanematsu as the hub, the supply chain will be constructed as an open framework in collaboration with chemical manufacturers in Japan and overseas that supply CO2 and universities that have CO2 separation and recovery technologies.


By combining carbon recycling in the supply chain, we aim to make CNT a green material that contributes further to carbon neutrality. In the future, we will also utilize DAC technology, which captures CO2 from the atmosphere, to secure all the carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen necessary for CNT production from the air, aiming to create the ultimate green material, “CNT produced from the air. The company aims to make CNTs “produced from air,” the ultimate green material.


CARBON FLY, Kanematsu, and FCC will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by providing concrete solutions to achieve carbon neutrality and a circular economy by building carbon recycling technologies and supply chains that reuse CO2 into high value-added green materials.






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