Caltema @nanotech2024

At the end of January this year, a new visualisation of Caltema® was developed at our booth at the 22nd International Nanotechnology Exhibition at Big Sight, which was the main focus of this presentation.

This was our first solo exhibition and we introduced our CNT mass-production machine Caltema® and its products, which we have been researching and developing for some time. We appealed the superiority of our CNTs to visitors.
The key visual depicted the compact size and unique form of Caltema® in a flat but deep way.
The booth was based on carbon fly colours of red and black, and we endeavoured to present the product in a way that would make visitors feel familiar with it in the limited space available.

Products such as HBPP (Hybrid Prepreg), which is unique as a general-purpose industrial product, suitcases and cubesats (small satellites) were also on display. The Fibre Winder, which allowed visitors to actually experience the process of CNT fibreisation, attracted a great deal of interest from visitors.

Shimada Design comments.
Bringing all the scenes of the times into the future
High-quality carbon nanotubes are expected to be used in a wide range of applications as a cutting-edge material.
The Caltema system is a major turning point in the early implementation of this dream material, with its overwhelmingly high production capacity and surprisingly compact size. Together with its stylishly refined form and ease of use, it will take the creativity of our times to a new dimension.
Caltema is a system that is active in a variety of fields, including social life, environmental protection, life sciences and space exploration, and invites people to a future full of possibilities. The message and visuals express the potential of Caltema.

This time, we focused on creating an impact in a limited space and balancing the functionality of the booth as a business meeting space. As a result, the booth was generally well received, but we will keep in mind that the priority of expression at such exhibitions changes depending on the concept, and link this to the expression of the booth in the next and subsequent editions.