CARBON FLY Receiving Plug and Play Japan Accelerator Program

Startup Award


CARBON FLY Inc. (Based in Koto City, Tokyo), a startup aiming for social implementation of carbon nanotubes, participated in the “Japan Summit Summer/Fall 2023 Batch” held in Tokyo on September 14th and September 15th as part of a three-month accelerator program organized by Plug and Play Japan KK (Based in Shibuya, Tokyo, CEO: Philip Vincent, hereinafter Plug and Play Japan) and received the Startup Award.



Through this program, we have met with corporate partners in Plug and Play Japan and are currently considering collaboration with six companies. Encouraged by the awards received from attendees’ votes, we will accelerate the development and global deployment of carbon nanotube products originating from Japan with Japanese companies.



Event Report from Plug and Play Japan


About the Japan Summit Summer/Fall 2023 Batch

Plug and Play Japan carried out the Summer/Fall 2023 Batch from June through September 2023 across eight verticals which are Fintech, Insurtech, Mobility, Health, New Materials, Smart Cities, Energy, and Food & Beverage. For this batch program, they have selected 74 startups from Japan and abroad.


At Japan Summit, 106 startups participated to give a pitch and showcase their products at the startup booth which were categorized into seven technology themes: Customer Engagement, Future of Digital, Healthcare Revolution, Industry 4.0, Operation Optimization, Smart Life, and Sustainable Horizon.



【Startup Award】

Startup Awards were given to the top five startups that received the most votes from attendees at the event. Award winners will be provided with support for business growth such as overseas expansion support. (For more information on the winning companies, please see the Plug and Play Japan’s Event Report.)



About the accelerator program in Plug and Play Japan

Plug and Play Japan provides accelerator programs to accelerate innovation by connecting Plug and Play Japan’s corporate partners with Japanese and international startups. Through these programs, corporate partners are able to connect with participating startups with technologies and services that could accelerate their innovation activities. For startups, they have the opportunity to collaborate with a wide range of major corporations.


Summit is the final step of the accelerator program where startups give pitches outlining their results from the program. It is a great opportunity to get the latest updates on innovative technologies, meet cutting-edge startups, and develop new business partnerships.


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