CARBON FLY, Inc. succeeded in mass-producing high-quality carbon nanotubes.
Established CI by the design of art director Tamotsu Shimada.

CARBON FLY, Inc. (located in Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo) has succeeded in mass-producing high-quality CNT that greatly exceed conventional standards. Potential of our CNT application is unlimited. Today, we signed a contract with Mr. Tamotsu Shimada, an art director of the 2025 Osaka Kansai World Exposition official logo. We will accelerate the application of CNT into any industry through new CI/VI. The new CI/VI, designed by Tamotsu Shimada, is centered around a simple image of the cylindrical structure of CNT. In addition, the company name of CARBON FLY is expressed in an original hexagram-based font that symbolizes the atomic bond state of a six-membered ring, and the basic set is composed of the corporate slogan, “Imagination Becomes Reality with our CNT” From today, we would use this CI/VI in advertisement, PR or packaging of our products.

■ CI/VI creator’s message

This time, when I was in charge of CI/VI for CARBON FLY, Inc., I strongly sympathized with the image of the future society that the company envisions, a society that will be revolutionized by the spread of carbon nanotubes. Even in the design of the official logo mark of the Expo ’70 in Kansai, Osaka, the underlying theme was “Designing a Future Society for Our Lives”. Expectation still drives creativity. The completed logo mark is composed of extremely minimal elements as a design. This is the result of our focus on how simply the characteristics of the carbon nanotube material can be expressed. Instead, we prepared various gimmicks for how to use this logo mark. One example is the concept visual (below) for a future in which carbon nanotubes are implemented everywhere in society. We hope to see further developments on various occasions in the future.


Art Director Tamotsu Shimada








Art Director
Tamotsu Shimada

<Major award history of Tamotsu Shimada>

All Japan DM Awards Gold Award
Japan Industrial Advertising Exhibition Silver Award
Display Design Award Asahi Shimbun Award
NYfestival Gold Award
Nationwide Catalog and Poster Exhibition, Catalog Category, Minister of Economy, Gold Award, Judge’s Special Award
NYADC Poster Gold Award / NYADC Catalog Gold Award
NYADC Poster Bronze Award
Takeo Award Judge’s Award
2025 Japan World Exposition Logo Mark Best Work Award

Many other awards and selections.


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